A sentiment analysis explained by your Brisbane small business marketing consultant

As small business owners, have you ever truly understood the attitudes and behaviors of your customers? If not, our marketing consultants for small businesses in Brisbane know exactly which form of research needs to be conducted to do so: a sentiment analysis.

In the simplest of terms, a sentiment analysis examines customer opinions and categorizes them as either: positive, neutral or negative. Such opinions are often expressed in a piece of text and help determine the feelings associated with a particular topic, product or service. Ultimately, small businesses can find out what the consumers are voicing about their business offerings. Today the digital space is the hub for such brand verdicts which generally take the form of online reviews or social media expressions.

Small business owners would benefit by conducting a sentiment analysis because it would uncover the overall attitude towards your business and help them better understand their market. In other words, owners will learn about the emotional perception surrounding their business, the consumers’ reactions towards their product or service offerings, and their opinions on competitors.

We strongly recommend that all small businesses get in contact with Little Marketing and speak to a Brisbane small business marketing consultant about the prospect of conducting a sentiment analysis, as soon as possible. Your designated consultant will equip you with tailored advice and viable resources for a thorough and profitable analysis that delivers useful results, regarding customer attitudes. Like all analytical processes, we are aware of risks involved in a sentiment analysis such as the possibility of misinterpretation (e.g. sarcastic slang, misspelled words, etc.) which is all the more reason to reach out to us, for we take all precautionary measures to reduce such risks and facilitate an analysis that is as accurate as possible.

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