Define Your Brand with a Brisbane small business marketing consultant

What does your branding say about your business? Does it define who you are and what you do accurately? If not, a Marketing Consultant can help you solve this problem.

The goal is to define who you are as a brand and present this to you in the form of a style-guide. This may include a whole range of materials, including both print and digital. A small business Marketing Consultant will help you define your branding from the core, and that starts with your logo.

Once you have a stand-out logo, the supporting elements flow from here. Your colours, fonts, tone of voice, it all matters, and it comes together in the development of your website, printed marketing materials and internal materials also.

If you are looking for small business marketing advice in Sydney, look no further than Little Marketing. We specialise in defining who you are as a brand and help you showcase this visually.


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