Your small business marketing consultants in Sydney discuss the importance of having a structured marketing plan

In our 12 years as marketing consultants for small business in Sydney, the one thing we know for sure is that a structured marketing plan is the only way to make sure that your marketing for small business is consistent in its frequency and consistent in its message.

Quite often, because small business owners get busy, marketing gets put to the bottom of the priority list. Servicing their customers, managing their accounts and dealing with internal headaches always make up the priority of the time.

What a marketing plan does, one with key action points, is to make sure you’re your communication is frequent and the message that you’re putting out there as a small business in Sydney is effective, on message and in line with your brand positioning.

As your marketing consultant for small business in Sydney, our focus in helping small businesses is generally driven by a 12-month marketing plan. This allows the business owner to focus on what they’re good at whilst allowing Little Marketing to drive their marketing activity for them.

Ongoing measures are put in place so that everyone is accountable, both Little Marketing and the client, ensuring the best results possible for the business, and that the ROI is effective.

So, if you’re in need of some structure around your brand positioning and marketing activity, speak with Australia’s leading marketing consultants for small business.


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