Small business marketing company in Brisbane with tips for adding Snapchat to your business social media schedule

When it comes to Social Media channels for business, both Facebook and Instagram are still very popular, however Snapchat is certainly still one of the most used social media platforms at present, so why not get your businesses on board?

So how do you add Snapchat to your marketing strategy and what kinds of pics or videos are best for your business?

Our small business marketing consultants Brisbane explain some basic ideas to get you started.

An easy way to get started is by promoting your product. Why not have a flash sale or promotion, ulitising a short video or pic about your latest offer.

Another option is to create an “On-Demand Geo-Filter” so that everyone can be involved in the event online and share it with their specific networks.

To give your business the feel of authenticity, you can share some of the more intimate details of your business life in real-time. Snapchat is great for these particular “behind-the-scenes” moments whether they are in the form of a pic or video, as they don’t have as long a shelf life as other platforms.

For more great marketing tips, contact Little Marketing, marketing consultants for small business in Brisbane.


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