Consumer product classifications, explained by our small business marketing consultants in Sydney

Products can be divided into consumer products, which are purchased by individuals and households, or business products, which are purchased by an organisation to be used in its operations or in the production of other products. Our small business marketing consultants in Sydney have identified some of the market considerations with the following consumer products;

Convenience Products
Our Sydney marketing consultants identify convenience products as things that are bought frequently, with little engagement throughout the decision-making process. As the price is generally low for these products and usually mass promoted by the producer, it means there is generally low involvement in the customer buying behaviour.

Shopping Products
Shopping products are major appliances, electronics or clothes that involve moderate to high engagement based on quality, price and features. These products are usually advertised to the correct demographic and have selective distribution.

Specialty Products
Our marketing consultants for small business in Sydney identify these products as luxury goods that have unique characteristics with specific brand identification. Customers usually have a strong brand preference and loyalty when buying these high-priced products.

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