Small business marketing consultants in Perth help you become social media savvy

Here at Little Marketing, our small business marketing consultants in Perth say that despite the popularity of social media, many small business owners may still avoid utilising social media as a marketing tool, because they don’t feel as they are social media savvy.  

However, these days, if you are not on the Social Media bandwagon, you will most likely find yourself seriously lagging behind your competition.

When it comes to the basics of social media marketing, our small business marketing consultants explain that that all social networks are not equal and will not necessarily suit your particular target audience. You will need to research which platforms attract which audience, using profiles of your customers to hone in on the platforms they are most likely to use. Find the top two and focus on these.

Set attainable goals and a posting schedule. Don’t be vague, define your clear-cut goals with a time line. It’s also vital to back your objectives with a plan to make for greater success. Within your plan should be an obtainable schedule for regular posts. Consistency will heighten anticipation for your content, interest in your brand, and overall engagement. To make sure you see those benefits, you may even use a scheduling tool.

When it comes to adding visuals, don’t just add random, unprofessional or blurry pics. You need to encourage a positive opinion of your brand and uphold its image with high-quality, relevant imagery and videos. Keep in mind, you want to move people to action.

Finally, be sure to engage with your audience. People appreciate brands that are accessible and appreciative of their supporters. Be that kind of brand and engage at every opportunity with your followers and show some personal interest. People love to be heard!

Our small business marketing consultants explain that these are just the basics to keep in mind when posting on social media. Get your business heard on social media today with our small business marketing consultants in Perth.


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