Small business marketing consultants in Melbourne talk market positioning

An important element of any marketing plan is the positioning of the business and its brand. This positioning relates to the position in the mind of any customer or client that your brand sits in. It is critical that your brand sits in your client’s mind in a space where there is the least amount of competition.

This positioning also forms the basis of all your communication to the outside and inside world. From how your receptionist answers the phone to the message that’s portrayed on your business website, it is critical this message remains consistent.

One of the fatal mistakes the businesses make is not defining their core positioning or message and therefore the communication is inconsistent, confusing as well as irrelevant to those they are speaking to.

As small business marketing consultants in Melbourne, the key piece of advice that we can give any business before they start is to understand how they are how they are different to the competition and why people would choose them over anybody else.



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