Small business marketing consultants in Brisbane explain why your business needs a responsive website

Responsive web design is a website design technique that allows you to have one website that adapts to any kind of device it is viewed on. 

Our small business marketing consultants in Brisbane explain that responsive web design makes it easier for your customers to interact with your website. They can interact on their varying devices including: laptops, smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers.

If responsive design is not a key priority for your business then you could fall behind your competition. Your customers need to be able to view your website regardless of mobile device or screen size. Responsive design increases conversions, sales, customer experience, and customer loyalty.

These days with everyone contstantly on the go, customers want a seamless experience with your site, where ever they are. Mobiles are now officiclly the dominant global internet platform and most people are shopping on their phone, rather than sitting at home on their PC.

If you cannot provide your customers with a simple, easy to read website they will quickly shift to a competitor of yours who give them a simpler, more user-friendly experience. If you provide them with less information on their phone or make it difficult to navigate the site, they will become frustrated and most likely leave without making a purchase. Our small business marketing consultants explain that they want to be able to move from their mobile phone, to computer, to tablet and receive the same information. 

There still may be many of your competitors who might not have implemented RWD on their site. Having a better user experience as a competitive advantage will lead a lot of customers becoming loyal to you right away, improving your market share.

Our marketing consultants for small business know that improved user experience increases customer loyalty. With RWD, you will undoubtedly improve the experience that customers will have on your site. When a customer has a positive experience with your site, chances are they will return again to fulfill their need.

An improved customer experience means your customers will be more willing to purchase from you again and increase the average amount of each purchase. This will increase the share of wallet you have with that customer. A good user experience can also increase the likelihood that a customer will recommend your brand to others. 

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