Small business marketing consultants in Brisbane explain why you should not go DIY with your website

As small business marketing consultants in Brisbane, we understand that the budget of start ups is limited, however creating a DIY website, no matter how cheap and promising they sound can be a recipe for disaster.

For the vast majority of businesses, DIY site builders are not a good idea and we explain just a few reasons why:

DIY websites appear easy to use and customisable, well that’s what they lead you to believe. But what people don’t realise is that you are extremely limited when it comes to just about every aspect, from design to responsiveness and SEO strength.

Once created, you can’t customise or change your DIY design, you would have to start all over, re-building all of your pages, and this means losing all of your content. If you are unable to improve your navigation over time you will be unable to expand so your site won’t go anywhere in the way of SEO. Most DIY web-builder tools are not up to par for mobile.

Google favours websites that are mobile friendly / responsive but many website owners continue to use out-dated websites that are not compatible with mobile devices.  In the case of DIY web builders, they use a responsive theme automatically, however you don’t have any flexibility when it comes to where you want content and images shown to mobile users. This creates big problems when it comes to user friendly mobile as the DIY mobile versions are not set up correctly, generally loading slower. Research shows that once traffic reaches these slow, poorly set out pages, it will click away to a correctly optimised, easy to use site.

With many DIY web-builders you have to integrate a separate blog option such as Wordpress. Being that content is one of the most important aspects of SEO, this is a huge disadvantage explain our small business marketing consultants. Content matters not only to keep people reading and interested in your website, it provides organic links that drive up your ranking, so the easier you can make content creation for your website the better.

Our small business marketing consultants in Brisbane know that it is a great business to invest in a professionally designed website, not only for your SEO rankings but to create the best first impression to your customers. First impressions truly count! 


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