Marketing consultants for small business in Sydney explain the study of consumer behaviour

Consumer behaviour is the study of the behaviour of individuals and households who buy products for personal consumption. For our marketing consultants for small business in Sydney, it provides an understanding of the reasons behind the decisions consumers make which is central to creating an effective marketing mix. Consumer behaviour is influenced by situational, group and individual factors.

Situational factors are the circumstances in which consumers make purchasing decisions. They relate to physical, social, time, motivation and mood factors. Group factors comprise cultural and social influences. Cultural influences affect the behaviours of society: culture, sub culture and social class.

Our marketing consultancy in Sydney define culture as the system of knowledge, values and beliefs by which society defines it. National cultures can be described according to Hofstede’s cultural dimensions: power distance, uncertainty avoidance, individualism, masculinity and long-term orientation.

Consumer decisions involve different levels of involvement that our small business marketing consultants in Sydney have detailed below:
- Habitual decision making involves low involvement such as buying bread and milk.
- Limited decision making involves limited information to evaluate options e.g. buying appliances and clothing.
- Extended decision making involves high involvement and is usually for a once in a life time purchase e.g. a car, wedding ring, house or wedding dress.

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