Marketing consultants for small business in Sydney discuss the different elements in the Marketing Environment

The Marketing Environment is all the internal and external forces that affect a marketer’s ability to create, communicate and deliver products of value. Our marketing consultants for small business in Sydney use environmental analysis to break the marketing environment into smaller bits to make it easier to understand. The Marketing Environment has been split into the Micro and Macro Environment, detailed below:

The Micro Environment
The Micro environment is the forces within an organisation’s industry. It is not directly controllable by the organisation. It consists of customers, clients, competitors and partners. Partners can range from logistic firms, financiers, advertising agencies, wholesalers, suppliers and retailers. Our small business marketing consultants in Sydney must ensure that our clients’ products provide their target market with greater value than their competitors’ products.

The Macro Environment
The Macro environment is the forces outside of an organisation’s industry. It includes Political, Economic, Socio cultural, Technological and Legal forces. Some of the strongest forces that our marketing consultants in Sydney deal with include:

- Economic forces, such as how much money individuals and organisations have to spend and how they choose to spend it.
- Socio cultural factors, such as people’s attitudes, beliefs, behaviours, preferences, customs and lifestyles.
- Technological forces, that allow businesses to advance their processes and keep up to date with industry changes.

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