Small business marketing consultants in Sydney explain important pricing considerations and approaches related to internal factors

When it comes to establishing the price for a product or service, our small business marketing consultant in Sydney want to make sure that businesses have taken into consideration all internal factors relating to price. Detailed below are the most important internal factors to consider when establishing price values.

Marketing Objectives
Our marketing consultancy in Sydney have seen pricing set to meet objectives such as profit maximisation, market share leadership and product quality leadership. Prices could also be set to evoke customer loyalty or create excitement for a new product.

Marketing Mix Strategy
It is also important that price decisions are coordinated with product design, distribution and promotion decisions to form a consistent and effective marketing program. Other marketing mix variables, such as if resellers are used, can affect margin, meaning business may have to increase their product’s price.

As a business, our Sydney marketing consultants believe that it is important to charge a price that covers all costs for producing, distributing and selling the product, whilst delivering a fair rate of return for the risk and effort involved.

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