Small business marketing consultants in Perth explain what you will need to consider when rebranding

It's time to re-brand your small business and as our small business marketing consultants know, there is plenty for you to think about before you go ahead.

If you're considering rebranding, you will need to draw up a list of all that needs doing. Here we share the major compontents for you:


Register a new domain name before you go ahead and start building your new website. Next start the design and build process with your new logo and anything required from your existing site that needs to be carried over. Consider keeping your old website and including a splash page to direct your customers to the new page once it has been launched. Remember to update your SEO keywords and re-list on your online directories.

Social Media

Get started on creating new accounts and pages. Our small business marketing consultants explain that when it comes to Twitter, make sure you copy across your list of your followers as many will then follow you back in return. Promote your new brand and link it to your new accounts. It's worth repeating this from time to time for several weeks and then intermittently over the first 3-6 months.

Operational Items
Update invoices, statements and Terms & Conditions immediately. When it comes to employee contracts, our small business marketing consultants explain that these will also need to be updated, whether it's a new contract or a supplementary letter. Contracts for suppliers and customers must also be updated.

Rebranding certainly involves alot and business cards, letterheads and even email signatures will need to be updated, keeping with brand consistancy. Don't forget to ensure all of you other internal documents are re-branded also.

Finally make sure you communicate the change to both your suppliers and customers. Help them to understand that it will be a positive change in the way you do business together.

For more information on re-branding, contact our team of small business marketing consultants in Perth today.



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