The growth of influencer marketing by our small business marketing consultants in Sydney

Our small business marketing consultants in Sydney know that people are consuming information differently these days, which has caused traditional marketing methods to change. The way we understand buyer and consumer behaviour is crucial for business, with influencer marketing being a good example of how new marketing methods are understanding the behaviour of consumers.

Traditionally, brands would invest thousands of dollars into television commercials, catchy radio slogans and full-page newspaper advertisements. These promotional strategies were used to tap into the consumers mind and inspire an emotional or cognitive response, instigating consumers to purchase a product or service. However, our marketing consultants in Sydney believe this is where marketing has now changed.

In today’s world, a brand still has to sell a product to their customers, however consumers don’t necessarily want to be ‘sold’ the product, but rather be influenced by the product or the seller. As professionals of marketing for small businesses in Sydney, we believe that consumers are more fascinated about what influential people are saying about the brand or product on social media. One single Instagram post by an influential person has the potential for a brand to receive over a thousand followers and create instant sales of the product. This all depends on the stature of the influential person promoting the brand and whether their credibility is relatable to the brand.

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