Small business marketing consultants in Melbourne with tips on promoting your event through social media

Social media is such a large part of our lives and it has certainly made its mark on events promotion. For businesses wanting to market their event to a broad audience at minimal cost, social media outreach is hard to beat.

Here our small business marketing consultants in Melbourne have some tips to help you socially promote your event:

• Create a Facebook event page. This allows people to add the event to their calendar and provide a tentative RSVP. Be sure to also ad in detailed event information to the page.

• Establish a unique event hashtag for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This makes it easy for potential guests to search for event information and be part of the conversation.

• Ask event speakers and industry influencers to promote your gathering on their social networks.

• Create and share compelling and informative graphics on social media. Providing a graphic that’s complete with event details is easier for them and you!

• Be sure to host a contest or giveaway on social media leading up to the event. The prize could even be free tickets to the function.

Without promoting your event on social media, our markting consulants in Melbourne explain that you are unlikely to have the attendees and the attention you require to make it all worthwhile. 

To find out more ways in which to professionally market your event, contact our small business marketing consultancy in Melbourne today.


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