Small business consultants in Sydney offer tips on how to use web design for brand recognition

When consumers seek further information about a business or brand, their first point of action is to hit the web and visit the brand's website. Therefore, our small business consultants in Sydney believe that the appearance of your website is what can increase the recognition of your brand.

Firstly, by creating and implementing a memorable logo in the mind of your consumers is a crucial step in achieving brand recognition. When marketing for small business, we believe your logo should express your brand’s values and the colour used should depict the emotions that you want your company to convey.

Another piece of marketing advice for small business websites is to ensure consistent typography throughout the website’s navigation and body text. By using a reoccurring font, it reinforces the identity of your brand and makes your website appear organised and coherent.

Creating the perfect tagline can be that key element that creates recognition for your brand. A catchy tagline that either expresses your company’s values or personality can help consumers engage with your brand to a greater extent.

To find out other ways to improve your web design, please contact our small business consultants in Sydney today.


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