Our marketing consultancy in Brisbane explain brand positioning

As our marketing consultants for small business in Brisbane know, positioning is one of the basic marketing principles, helping you to understand what value you provide to your customers and ways to leverage it.

If you understand your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses, you can position your company’s "value-add" to create a competitive advantage. Without strong positioning, let's face it, your marketing will not stand out amongst the competition.

Here our small business marketing consultants have some key questions to ask yourself when it comes to deciding where to position your business:

Why do customers buy from you? - Do you know why do your customers buy from you? What are the qualities that make them choose your product or service over the competition? There may be many reasons that they purchase your products, believe us, it’s rarely just about the price!

What is your mission and value? – It’s imperative that you really get to know your company. Look at whether or not you are tackling your competitors head on with your product or if your offer an intangible quality like no other within your industry.

Do you really know your competition? – You must learn how your competitors position themselves, collating information from websites and social media on a regular basis. It’s not about trying to copy your competitors, it’s about doing what you do best and offering something they don’t.

If you need assistance with positioning your business, contact Little Marketing, small business marketing consultants for small business in Brisbane.


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