Small business marketing consultants in Perth with tips on improving your content marketing

Our small business marketing consultants in Perth know that quality content with exciting, flashy headlines is great for generating social, email and referral traffic, however, when it comes to long-term search traffic, it takes more than the basics for higher rankings.

Basically, your content needs to be better than anything on Google’s first page and better than what's currently being shared on social media.

Some tips that our small business marketing team have to help you create better content include:

1. Include an Image Every 75-100 Words: These articles get the most shares. (the average top ranking article has 9 images)

2. Making the URL shorter: URLs ranking #1 have on average 50 characters or less

3. Adding Content Types Your Competitor Hasn’t: Include graphics, animations, interactive elements, video, etc. Interactive content converts 2x better than static.

4. Make it Simpler to Read: The average Flesch Readability Score of content ranking #1 was 76.6 (easily understood by 13-15-year-olds).

5. Make it Better Structured: People want content that is easy to digest and understand. 78% of the time, #1 ranking content had bulleted lists.

Our small business marketing consultants in Perth hope that these content tips get you inspired to create better content! If you need help with your content marketing, our small business marketing company can help. 


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