Small business marketing consultants in Melbourne explains the difference between small business and big business marketing plans

Although every marketing plan has to adopt the same marketing procedure, the similarities between small business and large business marketing stop right there.

Budgets constraints, staffing, creative methods, and strategy vary enormously between a multinational mega-marketer like Coca Cola and say a small family run business.

Here are some of the differences:

1. Budget Constraints: The big guys have huge budgets. They talk about a few hundred thousand dollars as though it’s nothing. You talk about a couple of hundred dollars as an amount worthy of careful consideration.

2. Staffing: In a large organisation, there is a crowd of advertising managers, sales directors, online marketing directors, research managers, customer service managers and the list goes on. In contrast, small businesses combine marketing with the leadership role. A small business owner manages the process of marketing as a daily, hands-on task.

3. Strategy: In large companies, business plans include marketing strategies in abundance, whereas a small business owner may initially feel overwhelmed by adding marketing plan to their business strategy. However, once created, a marketing plan can be simple and manageable.

Many small business owners may envy the budgets and capabilities of big business, but being small has its own unique advantage too. While the executives of Fortune500 companies are allocating huge sums to understand their buyers, you can meet your customers personally, every day, at no extra cost.

Our small business marketing consultancy explain, without a proper marketing plan, you will tend to waste your precious time with no guide in place to deal with competitive actions, media opportunities and market conditions that may or may not match your present business expectations. 

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