The importance of people, processes and physical evidence, by our marketing consultants in Sydney

Most marketers know that the marketing mix consists of product, price, place and promotion, however there were three new elements added to the mix in the late 70’s known as people, processes and physical evidence. These new elements are applicable to a marketer’s day to day work, however our marketing consultants in Sydney adapt the marketing mix theory to modern times, relative to your specific business model.

Having the right people to perform your business tasks is essential in your business offering, especially in delivering your marketing plan. From sales staff, to managing director, our small business marketing consultants believe that each person in your operations is a valuable asset to your business.

The delivery of your service to your customer is crucial in the perception they place on your business. Our marketing consultancy in Sydney values service as much as the actual product. The reason for this is that if you offer satisfactory service with a high-quality product, your customers are likely to return and stay loyal with your company.

Physical Evidence
Almost all services include some physical elements. Even if your business is a coaching service or if you’re a hairdresser, there are tangible elements that you can bring into your whole business offering. These tangibles may be flyers, equipment or accessories that should all be branded with your business’s logo.

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