Small business marketing consultants in Brisbane explain brand differentiation and 3 ways to make your brand stand out

Brand differentiation, is about making your brand stand out in the crowd.

Building a strong brand is the key to the success of any business in today’s world. To build a successful brand there are many elements, one of these being Brand Differentiation.

Brand differentiation is the means by which your brand is set apart from the competition, by associating a high performing aspect of your brand, with multiple customer benefits. Our small business marketing company in Brisbane explain that this can relate to any combination of the following from the physical characteristics of your product or service, to the emotional response your brand triggers, aspects of its presentation, its price point such as very high or very low, your brand story, and even the customer experience of your brand as a whole.

There are many ways you can differentiate your brand and here are three to help you along:

Price Point- An effective differentiation strategy can be to vary the price of your products or services from the competition. You can choose to be either the economy bestseller with a low price, or a premium brand with a high price.

Go Niche - Niche products or services have built-in brand differentiation, and the marketing for them should reflect that niche.

Offer Expertise  - If your brand is the best at something in your industry, you can differentiate your business from others by focusing on your expertise. Get the word out there that your expertise means you offer more!

To find out more about brand differentiation and further branding strategies for your business, contact our team of small business marketing consultants in Brisbane today.



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