Small business marketing consultancy in Melbourne with more elements of branding

Last week our small business marketing company in Melbourne explained three of the basic elements of marketing which included brand image, brand identity and brand positioning.

This week our small business marketing consultants in Melbourne have three more branding elements for you.

Brand personality

Brand personality involves the consideration of emotional or personal qualities that we associate with a particular brand. Every element of the brand identity, from the colour of the logo and the typography on the brand name adds to the personality. A brand personality is something to which the consumer can relate. Think about how your brand wants to be perceived by your target audience – how it wants to make them feel.

Brand equity

Brand equity is the value of a brand. It may include tangible financial value such as market share and revenue as well as intangible aspects such as strategic benefits of the brand. A brand image can take the equity to a different level altogether.

Brand communication

For a brand to grow, it must be able to clearly communicate its core benefits to the customers. Brand communication refers to the message it delivers through various sources like adverts, brochures, punch lines and hoardings

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