Small business marketing consultants in Perth with tips on creating a blog for your small business

Here at Little Marketing, our small business marketing consultants explain that blogging is a great way to get your business noticed! 

To write an effective blog, it' vital to make a plan and here our marketing consultants for small business in Perth share a few things to keep in mind when planning:

- What is your main objective? Do you want to get leads, build your email list or become an expert in your field.

- How often can you blog? Two to three times a week is ideal, but blogging once a week is better than not blogging at all.

- What’s the “tone” of your blog? Is it fun, casual or seriously informative.

- Think about your "call of action". Decide how you will you get your readers to take action while on your blog? An email opt-in box or a link to a sales page.

Once you have a plan in place, go ahead and write. Focus on topics where you:

- Have unique insights to share

- Can really add value to the conversation

- Be original and write about topics that are of value to your audience.

For more great marketing advice for your small business, contact Little Marketing small business marketing consultants in Perth today.


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