Small business marketing consultants in Brisbane with tips on creating a cart abandonment email for your ecommerce site

With millions of dollars worth of online shopping left abandoned in virtual shopping baskets each year, our small business marketing consultants in Brisbane explain that cart abandonment is inevitable for every online store.

If you’re an online retailer the great news is that there are ways to reduce cart abandonment and here our small business marketing consultants in Brisbane explain how you can get those sales back via basket abandonment email.

Implementing a great cart abandonment email involves:

Timing - Ensure the abandoned basket reminder email is sent within 20 minutes to achieve a higher conversion rate.

Subject line - Effective subject line copy is essential, as is your brand which must be identifiable before the email is opened. Use a line such as “You left items in your basket” and make it personal, using the customers name and product name.

Create a sense of urgency with "Hurry, your cart expires in 24 hours". Make it easy for the customer to complete their purchase - Incorporating your website’s regular navigation into your email will make it simple to get back to their purchase or encourage them back onto your site ready to buy something else if they had changed their mind on their original purchase.

Call to action - Ensure that your CTA is prominent and clickable with focused copy. ie. take me back to my basket, complete my order etc.

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