Small business marketing consultancy in Melbourne on the benefits of email marketing

Our small business marketing consultants in Melbourne know that many small business owners feel email marketing is on the verge of depth with the domination of social media platforms.

However, email marketing is still alive and well, and it’s still one of the most profitable means of marketing because it creates deeper relationships with a wider audience at a fraction of the cost of traditional media.

Email marketing is targeted and solves all the inherent problems of non-targeted marketing. With email marketing, you have the ability to control exactly who sees an email by segmenting your contacts based on their demographics, location or any other data.

Email marketing makes it simple to customise your message for each customer, fostering a higher conversion rate. Our small business marketing consultants explain that it also increases brand awareness, exposing your business and your brand. With strategic planning, smart design and targeted content, your business will consistently build value and stay top-of-mind with your audience.

Email marketing is sharable and measurable. It's easy for your customers to share your emails and act as brand advocates, creating exposure and credibility. At the same time email marketing provides precise and valuable metrics, including delivery rates, open rates, click-to-deliver rates and subscriber retention rates. This offers invaluable insights about your customers behaviour and interests.

Importantly, email marketing is cost effective for small business. The ROI is appealing with no print costs and no advertising rates. Email marketing is as affordable as marketing gets.

To find out more strategies for small business marketing, contact our small business marketing consultants in Melbourne today.


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