Small business marketing company in Perth with social media tips for Valentine's Day

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, our small business marketing consultancy in Perth share a few ways you can make the most of this day through social media.

1. Get creative - Boost your online presence with poems, love quotes and inspirational words to create lots of positive engagement and shares. Special days are a great time to loosen up a little and show the fun side of your brand.

2. Offer freebies or run a contest - Host a Valentine’s day giveaway. Offer free samples or a free service offer keeping with the ”love" theme.

3. Valentine’s Day Hashtags - Promote your business with a hashtag. You can easily track how many people are tweeting and sharing your campaign based on who’s using a hashtag. Pick something that’s singular to your own company.

4. Advertise - Paying for reach and advertisements on Facebook or LinkedIn extends your reach to those who are yet to follow you. Keep it consistent with your campaign and focus on products or services that are in high demand on Valentine’s Day. Create offers with additional discounts or “love”themed freebie!

These are just some of the simple ideas for your Valentine’s Day social media campaign. For more great ideas, contact our team of small business marketing consultants in Perth today.


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