Small business marketing company in Melbourne explain how the new Facebook changes will affect your small business

Our small business marketing consultants explain that over the years, Facebook has become a fundamental channel for businesses looking to connect with their customers, however Facebook is now focusing on making the time that customers spend on Facebook more valuable to them.

When it comes to small business marketing, these changes may mean increased difficulty connecting with customers, making it more difficult to get content in front of them. The shift will also mean less time to reach customers.

Companies and brands rely on their Facebook page to connect with customers, share news, and increase brand awareness. So how can businesses overcome this?

Our small business marketing consultancy in Melbourne explain that companies big and small will need to shift the way they use Facebook in order to compensate for these change, reassessing and looking at various strategies such as:

  • Increasing content to encourage customer interaction. The more likes, shares, and comments you receive will increase the odds that your content will make it to your customers’ eyes.
  • Creating groups for customer interaction, ensuring they see more of your content.
  • Your customers will have the opportunity to “see first” for content they are interested in. Encourage them to make viewing your content a priority.
  • Spend your marketing dollars wisely by taking advantage of the right features, including video advertising which has the highest engagement format.
  • Utilise behaviour, interest and demographic targeting.

Although these Facebook changes may make it more difficult to reach your customers, with the right professionally customised social media strategy, your business will still get noticed.

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