Small business marketing company in Brisbane shares more blog writing tips

Last week our small business marketing consulants in Brisbane shared some tips for writing effective blogs and here as promised, we continue with some more great blog writing tips:

4. Unique content
It's vital that you have something unique to say. You don't simply want to make the same point that everyone else is making. You need to have a unique angle, approach, or spin. Don't copy and paste content from other sources. If you write unique content, it is more likely to be shred sharedand taken seriously.

5. Include links
An internal linking strategy can serve to enhance and deepen the overall value of a website. You can link to your other relevant articles or pages within your website. Topical relevance between the pages will bolster the authority of both pages. 

6. Proper spelling and grammar
Ensure to proofread your article.Sometimes it's better to step away and come back to it in a few hours or more sot hat you look at it with fresh eyes. An article with bad grammar and spelling does not look in any way professional and this reflects on your business.

8. A call to action 
The call to action makes a blog post worth it all. You want your reader to engage, whether it’s capturing an email address, visiting another page, purchasing a product, or downloading an ebook.

To find out more about content marketing and incuding effective blogs in your marketing strategy, contact our small business marketing consulants in Brisbane today.


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