Little Marketing small business marketing consultants in Perth share why visually appealing content is a must

With images, video and infographics taking over the web, our small business marketing consultants in Perth explain that the two fastest-growing social networks are Instagram and Snapchat.

The visual content trend is only going to accelerate, as mobile phones continue to fuel an upsurge of video content. Researchers have found that people process visual content much more efficiently than they process boring text links.

So, if you’re still trying to get your message across via text, you’re losing ground to competitors who are embracing images and video. In order to handle the flood of data and information around us, we are turning to images and videos to help us make sense of it all.

People are more willing to view and share a beautifully designed image including data, over reading a 10-page report.

The next time you’re wondering why people aren’t clicking on your stories and articles, the answer might just be that the content hasn’t been optimised for the new visual web.

To find out more about attracting new customers by creating visually appealing content, contact our small business marketing consultants in Perth today.


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