Small business marketing company in Melbourne with three ways to maximise your Valentine's Day marketing strategy

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, our team of small business marketing experts explain that now is the time to maximise this opportunity for your small business. Act now so your business doesn't miss out!

So here our team of small business marketing consultants in Melbourne have 3 Valentine’s Day marketing ideas to get you started…

1) Special Valentine's Offers - Encourage new prospects and reward existing customers by providing them with a discount on your key products. Additionally you could offer an extra benefit or bonus with one of your key products to encourage more sales. A key strategy could include a Valentine's Day competition, which can then be easily shared through your social media.

2) Email Marketing Email marketing can help boost your Valentine's campaign as you can send out broadcasts with special offers to and new products to a large distribution list effectively. You can see exactly how many people have viewed your landing pages, taken action with your downloads and track the enquiries you receive.

3) Social Media Announce and inform your prospects and followers during the build-up to Valentine’s Day through social media. You should really start informing customers about your products a month before Valentine’s Day. Maximise the awareness of your products or limited time only special offers that you are launching. You could create a brief news announcement which you could include on your social media profiles, website and online media websites.

For more great ways to promote your small business, contact Little Marketing, small business marketing consultants in Melbourne.


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