Small business marketing company in Brisbane share two Google tools to help your digital marketing

Google has made it part of its mission to provide webmasters, bloggers, influencers and digital marketers a plethora of free tools and resources.

Here our small business marketing consultancy share two of the great tools you can use to help get your small business noticed in the digital world:

Google Analytics: As the most widely used web developer tool Google Analytics will track the following metrics for your website, analysing:

- Website traffic

- Real time visitors

- Traffic sources

- Keywords used to reach your pages

- Bounce rate

- Device usage of your visitors

- Most popular pages

- Social media engagement

- Conversion tracking of AdWords campaigns

Google Keyword Planning: To attract more traffic to your site and devising strategic keyword campaigns for your video, blog and social media posts, you don’t necessarily require a paid service. Just plug in a keyword and get a generated list of related search terms, along with important search volume statistics like average monthly searches and the level of competition for each specific keyword.

To find out more ways Google can help your digital marketing, contact our experts for small business marketing advice in Brisbane.



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