Small business marketing consultants in Brisbane explain how to best identify your target market

Our small business marking consultants explain that dividing your customers into different groups of similar customer types, will enable you to market your products or services specifically to those ones that will be most profitable to you.

To identify the different segments among your existing customers, look for groups with similar characteristics. Your consumers can be segmented by age, gender or income with business customers being broken down by size or industry. There is also the key factor of location to consider, such as targeting local customers or those that may me overseas who can offer export opportunities.

Our small business marketing consultants in Brisbane say that segmenting your market should enable you to identify the similarities and differences between your different customer groups. This will allow you to more clearly adapt your product or service to more closely meet their requirements such as changing your pricing policy or using various distribution channels to reach your target customers more effectively.

Our marketing team recommends thorough market research will help you understand more about the needs, tastes and spending habits of different groups of potential customers.

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