Small business marketing consultancy in Perth share 2 examples of AI Marketing

As one of the newest marketing trends, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is quickly changing the face of marketing as we know it.

Our small business marketing company in Perth explain that many marketers are still in the dark around how AI strategies can be leveraged.

So here, our small business marketing consultancy share 2 of the many examples of effective AI marketing for everyday marketing campaigns. 

Content Generation - Many people may not be aware that a portion of sports and finance related articles are already written by machines, not humans. The AI marketing trend is poised to spread throughout various other industries. Eventually content will begin to be written/structured by automated programs.

Forecasting Sales - Along with AI, this strategy analyses inbound communication against traditional methods including consumer engagement and communication channels. Marketers can also use this valuable information to see when and when not to get in contact with leads and benefits of particular customer communication.

Find out more about AI and the range of small business marketing plans available for your small business, contact our team of business marketing consultants in Perth today.



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