Little Marketing consultancy in Melbourne explain how to create customer driven content

Our small business marketing consultants in Melbourne explain that it is vital to not only create great content, but ensure it is tailored to your target audience.

Here, our marketing consultancy in Melbourne explain how to better create customer driven content.

Ways to make customer driven content include:

Analytics: It's vital to understand the pages your customers visit the most and how long they spend on these pages. Are they on the correct pages to drive them to buy? Using this data will help you know what content your current target market wants to see.

Personas: Show your target audience that you know their interests and what they want to see. In order to produce customer driven content, you need to study your customer behaviour. The bets way to analyse this is through customer feedback and surveys.

Themes: Rather than producing random content, use a theme to convey your message in an interesting, customer centric way. Offer information that creates true value for your customer.

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