External factors affecting pricing decisions, explained by our marketing consultants in Sydney

The market and its demand have a direct impact on the pricing decisions that small businesses make on their products or services. Our marketing consultants in Sydney analyse numerous external factors that can affect a business’s pricing decisions which range from consumer’s perceptions, competitor’s pricing and price elasticity of demand. Detailed below are some approaches that our small business marketing consultants in Sydney recommend when choosing a pricing strategy.

Cost-Based Pricing
This pricing approach involves allocating the costs to the design and manufacturing of a new product. The objective is to set a price that covers cost as well as the business’s target profit. A piece of marketing advice for small business in Sydney is to convince buyers that the products price is justified by its value for money.

Competition-Based Pricing
There are three different types of competitor pricing that our marketing consultancy in Sydney have defined below:

- Economic Value Pricing: The price set by a company is lower than customers’ perceived value and lower than that of its competitors.

- Going-Rate Pricing: Price based largely on competitors’ prices, with less attention paid to its own costs or demand.

- Sealed-bid/Tender: Company bases its price on how it thinks competitors will price (e.g., job offers, governmental tenders).

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