Different elements involved in sales promotion, explained by our marketing consultancy in Sydney

The professionals at our marketing consultancy in Sydney define sales promotion as short term incentives used to encourage the purchase of a good or service. This is done by attempting to alter the price-value relationship of a product in the consumers mind. Our small business marketing consultants in Sydney have identified some of the benefits and tools that businesses use to effectively implement sales promotion.

Sales promotion provides businesses with a way to appeal to price sensitive consumers. Our Sydney marketing consultants have also realised that sales promotions can generate extra consumer interests in advertisements. It is also easier to measure the effects of sales promotion as coupon codes and price discounts are trackable.

Sales Promotion Tools
In order for our marketing consultants in Sydney to help build market share, increase sales and reinforce brand image for our clients, we use the following sales promotion tools:

• Samples, free or discounted goods provided at store level through the media
• Redeemable coupons or a coupon carried on pack
• Premiums, goods offered free of charge or at reduced price as an incentive to buy a product

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