Our marketing consultants for small business in Sydney explain the media planning process

In advertising, media planning is the making of decisions to deliver a message to the target audience. There are five key steps in the media planning process that our marketing consultants for small business in Sydney want you to be aware of.

Market Analysis
This first step is to determine who your audience is and the type of people you are going to target. The audience can be classified based on sex, age, income and occupation. Our marketing consultants in Sydney believe that by performing this analysis, you will be able to project costs and choose the right type of media for your campaign.

Establishing the Media Objective
The media objective is the goal of the media plan. You must have a goal for reach, frequency, circulation, cost and penetration to have an effective media plan.

Setting the Strategy
One of the most important parts of the media planning process is choosing what type of media you will use. You will have to decide whether options such as internet, television, radio, newspaper or publications are feasible and whether the campaign will reach your audience frequently and effectively.

Implementation is when it is time to begin media buying, which is purchasing space in the media you selected. For our marketing consultancy in Sydney this is the most exciting part as you begin to see the campaign come together.

Evaluation and Follow-up
It is important to see how successful your media plan was once it had been implemented. Our marketing advice for small business in Sydney is that you measure whether you have met your objectives within the time limit and without any extra costs.

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