Ways to increase online customer engagement by the best marketing consultancy in Sydney

As a marketing consultancy in Sydney, Little Marketing believe that there are certain ways in presenting online content that can impact the reader and create greater fan engagement.

Firstly, our small business marketing consultants in Sydney state that the best content headlines contain promise words such as “will make you”. By writing your headline in a way that shows direct impact to the potential customer, makes your message personal and gains the attention of the reader.

For users of Facebook, videos have the highest level of content engagement in comparison to photos, links and status updates. Therefore, another piece of small business marketing advice is to ensure that your marketing campaign includes many forms of video content. Types of video content include live streams, video tutorials, video blogs and testimonials.

Just like television advertisements, timing does matter for online social media content. Research suggests that when you post a tweet, 90% of engagement occurs in the first 18 minutes. Therefore, you must find out the day and time your audience are most engaged with your content and the media vehicle you are using.

It is essential that you understand these three marketing elements when trying to create effective online media content.

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