Small business marketing consultants in Sydney offer quick and easy social media marketing tips

Our small business marketing consultants in Sydney understand that with the ever-changing social media environment it may be difficult to create a cohesive social media marketing campaign for your business. Therefore, we have put together a few important social media activities that you can include in your strategy.

Run a Photo Contest
Fan engagement is crucial when trying to spread awareness of your brand to your target market. By creating a brand that your ideal consumer can relate to and interact with will lead to a satisfied and loyal customer base. Our marketing consultants in Sydney believe that running a photo contest will create a ‘buzz’ within your market, in which the user generated photos can then be used in future marketing campaigns.

Post content in which customers can ‘tag a friend’
Just like forwarding a chain mail to a friend, asking followers on Facebook or Instagram to tag a friend in a post is a great way to gain further brand exposure. In doing so, this opens the door to new potential customers with similar characteristics of the customers in your current market. Make sure you post a relatable image or quote that is relevant to your brand and watch your social media account gain more followers.

Post Coupons or Promotional Codes
Another important piece of marketing advice for small businesses is to ensure that you keep your current customers happy and interested. This can be done by offering discounts for their loyalty or for just being a part of your brand. Coupons can turn passive Facebook fans into buying customers which in turn is one of your main goals; to drive sales as a business.

To discover more ways in which you can improve your social media marketing strategy, contact our team of small business marketing consultants in Sydney today.


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