Our marketing consultants in Sydney explain how to generate word-of-mouth for your small business

Making your customers say ‘Wow’ is what our marketing consultants in Sydney believe will help spread the word of your business to potential customers. By exceeding the expectations of your customers, it will turn them into brand advocates for your business.

One piece of small business marketing advice that Little Marketing will give you is that you need to distinguish yourself from your competitors and be memorable in the minds of your customers.

Therefore, in order to distinguish yourself from your competitors you must first learn from them. It is important to find out:

- How they are attracting customers
- The quality of their product or service
- The types of customers they are attracting (geographic, demographic, psychographic)
- Their market share
- What areas are they failing in and how can you pounce on this failure?

As experts of small business marketing, Little Marketing believe that you must exceed the expectations of your customers by creating value for them. If your customers are delighted with your service they will become loyal customers and spread the word of your business to their friends and family. Simple ways to be memorable in your customers eyes include:
- Giving them special gifts with their purchase
- Providing life-long warranties
- Knowing your customers by name
- Providing loyalty discounts
- Offering ‘refer a friend’ deals
- Including photos of your delighted customers on your social media pages

To find out more important marketing information for your small business, please contact our team of marketing consultants in Sydney today.


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