Marketing consultants in Sydney share tips on creating an effective marketing event

Our marketing consultants in Sydney believe that holding an event for your business with a partner of similar values can be beneficial to the growth of your business. However, careful consideration must be taken in regard to the type of business you choose to partner with.

Firstly, it is important to explore preliminary co-marketing initiatives with your potential partner. Our small business marketing consultants in Sydney believe it is best to collaborate on smaller business initiatives, such as co-hosting a webinar, before putting the resources towards an event. The communication demonstrated with a smaller project can be an accurate indicator of how well you will work together on a larger project, like an event.

It is crucial to ensure that the goals for all parties are aligned. The more alignment there is with goals, such as achieving brand awareness, the more likely the event will benefit both parties involved. As experts of marketing for small businesses in Sydney, Little Marketing express the importance of communication between each party. This includes specifying clear roles, defining expectations, setting parameters, ensuring audience alignment and establishing timelines. Most importantly, you must play to each other’s strengths. If your partner has a large social media following, then let them take over the social media campaign, while you focus on other content.

To find out more ways on how to add value to your event, contact our marketing consultants in Sydney today.


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