Small business marketing consultants with content tips for startups

With 75% of marketers focusing on content marketing in 2017 and beyond, our small business marketing consultant know that there is one simple reason for this…’Content Converts!”

The internet is all about content, from text to videos and images. Whether it’s your latest VLOG, post that you recently shared on social media or news article on your website, these strategies all count as content.

Without content, your startup will cease to exist on the internet without it as content must be generated with a content marketing strategy. Follow the
Below our small business marketing consultants in Brisbane explain how to create a potent content marketing strategy for your startup:

1. Create buyer personas. Defineyour target audience, the biggest challenge they face, how your product solves the issue, and try to understand your audience in the truest sense.
2. Define goals for your content marketing. Are you interested in brand awareness? Do you plan to increase sales by a certain percentage in next months?
3. Market research will reveal the type of content your audience loves the most. A survey will do the job.
4. Define content type, posting frequency, types of posts, and other aspects by creating an editorial calendar.
5. Create awesome content that adds value and gets the job done in the best way possible. Use Skyscraper technique to create content that stands out from the crowd.
6. Convert your posts into videos, slideshows, podcasts, infographics, PDFs, and other types of content and share them with your audience.
7. Track conversions and engagement to see how good or bad your strategy is performing.

To find out how you can get your start-up off on the right foot, contact our experts in marketing for small business in Melbourne.



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