Small business marketing company in Perth explain tweeting frequency for your small business

Our small business marketing consultants explain that when it comes to marketing your small business on Twitter, it’s vital to consider how often to “tweet”, as this can be critical to your Twitter success.

When it comes to Twitter, unfortunately there is no one-size fits all when it comes to optimising Twitter for your Twitter marketing?

Studies show that the ideal amount to tweet per day depends almost entirely on your goals. For example, if you are looking to optimise your engagement per tweet, then 1-5 tweets per day is where it’s at.

However, if you want to generate more total responses, then you can tweet your heart out. The study found that even tweeting 50 times a day did not have any adverse effects on your account!

There is no need to spend hours each day writing out many tweets, those are hours that could be spent on activities that do more to drive up the bottom line instead.

Our small business marketing consultants in Perth explain that while you certainly can focus your Twitter marketing on generating a massive number of responses, I recommend you focus on engagement.

For a small business one tweet per day is plenty. This will not take too much time and increase audience engagement will increase audience engagement, and will leave you with the time you need to focus on more important parts of your business.

To find out how to make the most of your tweets, contact our experts in marketing for small business in Perth.


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