How to boost your business Instagram, by our small business marketing consultant Sydney

Instagram for businesses has come into a boom over the past few years, so it is essential for you to know how to boost it accordingly. That is why our small business marketing consultant in Sydney has come up with a few tips on how to boost your business Instagram.

Here is how you can improve your small business marketing, just by implementing a few strategies on Instagram:

• Change and improve your hashtags constantly
• Engage your followers with interesting Instagram stories
• Leverage all of your Instagram tools
• Analyse the analytics that are provided for businesses (Insights)
• Know when to post your content, there are peak times on Instagram for all types of followers
• If you want a large boost, be sure to invest in paid ads

Simple yet effective ways on how you can boost your Instagram, we hope that our marketing consultant has provided a few insights on building up a following.

Feel free to get in contact with our small business marketing consultant in Sydney with any enquiries that you may have.


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