Small business marketing company in Brisbane explain why your company should be sending out a newsletter

With the advent of social media and a host of new ways to market your brand and products online, our small business marketing consultancy in Brisbane know that many businesses forget about the power of email as a marketing channel.

Here our experts in marketing for small business in Brisbane explain just how beneficial email marketing can be for your business.

Drive Sales

It’s actually quite simple to understand why email marketing is so effective when it comes to selling. When a recipient views your email, you’ve got the opportunity to highlight a product, explain the benefits, and connect them to a point of sale in moments. Capture your impulsive audience by including a coupon, a special promotion, or even a call to action.

Connect with your customers.

Customers want to connect to the businesses and brands they like. Our small business marketing consultants in Brisbane know that it’s better to connect to your customers in person is a matter of being personable, presentable, and professional. Your newsletter can provide great value, beyond sales, by informing your customers with interesting content that resonates with them.

Boost your social media following.

Email newsletters are highly effective for building your online community. By starting a conversation in the inbox, where engagement is more focused, and then finishing it in the social media arena, which has more reach, you’ll generate more activity on Facebook feeds and beyond.

These are just three reasons why newsletters are so important for your business. For assistance with your marketing strategy, contact our experts in marketing for small business in Brisbane.


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