Marketing consultancy in Melbourne explains why you should pay attention to your holiday keywords

Our small business marketing consultants explain that one thing you should be paying attention to during the holiday season is your "keyword research". Some business owners will target the same exact keywords each and every holiday season and as a result, they wonder why their sales are down. While every business will always have their main, core keywords, our experts in small business marketing in Melbourne explain it’s critical to take advantage of seasonal searches.

One of the best ways to do this is by utilising Google Trends to figure out new keywords that can really jump start holiday campaigns. If you’re able to associate core keywords with trending terms, you will likely be able to capture some new website traffic.

The best way to find popular words is by using Google trends (as well as Keyword Planner and your own PPC reports. This way you can input various broad keywords into the search function, change the data range and change the country to Australia. You want to find words that peak in December.

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