Little Marketing small business marketing consultants in Mebourne explain they need for a Christmas email marketing strategy

With the holiday season upon us, our small business marketing company in Melbourne explain that now is a good time to boost your email marketing strategy.

We recommended using a focused campaign to highlight specific products and offers and to share important information relevant to the season, such as extended trading hours, etc.

For example, why not try a thematically fitting “12 Days of Christmas” campaign. It might seem cliched, however it lends itself very well to time-limited offers, and the ability to create a sense of urgency. Another qlternativel would style it like an advent calendar, with various offers for each of the 12 days. This is likely to grab your customers attention and keep them looking to you to see the exciting offers install each day.

For the smaller businesses, the emphasis should be on showcasing unique items. This is the time of year for shopping for gifts and if you offer different items from those at the high street stores, you already have a head start.

Remember, it is still perfectly fine to alternate between highlighting specific products and offering a general discount, either store-wide or department specific. Just ensure that you have sufficient inventory of any stock being promoted.

This idea is suitable for any business with a well-maintained email database, and can easily be adapted to a print or social media campaign for businesses without an email list, including a print catalogue.

To find out more about ways in which our small business marketing company in Melbourne can assist you, contact our team at Little Marketing today. 


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