How start-ups can budget their marketing money, by your small business marketing consultant in Sydney

Budgeting as a start up business is one of the most important things that any owner has to do, so getting it right is crucial to the success of a small business. Which is why our small business marketing consultant in Sydney has a few tips on how start-ups can budget their money for marketing activities.

We know that you won’t have a lot of money to spend on a large range of activities, but the majority of it at first should be used to set up a foundation for your business. Here is what we recommend with regards to start-up marketing for small business:

• Get a professional logo and website done for your business
• Set up proper socials for your business and don’t be afraid to spend money on advertising through it. We know it is free but the benefits of spending money through social media is much greater
• Google Ads
• Attend conferences and expos to build up consumer knowledge about your business

Simple yet cost effective ways for you to market a start-up business. Our consultants are here to offer you any marketing advice for small business, as it is our end goal to help you grow and flourish in your industry.

So be sure to get in contact with out small business marketing consultant in Sydney with any enquiries that you may have.


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