Experts in marketing for small business Perth share four tips on getting your Call-To-Action right on your website

Last week, our small business marketing company in Perth explained the meaning of call-to-action and the value it adds to your website. Your CTA’s must be interesting if you wish to successfully convert more customers.

Here we have four requirements to ensure your CTA works:

You must make your interesting enough to persuade your visitor to complete the desired action and here are the four requirements to ensure your CTA works:

Eye Catching Design: For someone to click on your CTA, they have to first notice it! Our small business marketing consultants explain that your CTAs’ colours should contrast with your website design, yet also appear large enough to be noticed.

Great copy to make potential customers actually want to act: Ensure you use concise, jargon-free phrases that uses actionable verbs to catch people's attention.

A clear value proposition: People should know exactly what will happen when they click on a CTA. Are they expecting to download an ebook or a PowerPoint template? Get a product demo or sign up for your weekly newsletter? Make sure the CTA explicitly tells them what they’re getting in exchange for their click.

A Specific Page: Ideally this should be aligned with one stage in the cycle.A CTA is most effective if people are taken to a dedicated landing page after clicking it, rather than a random page on your website. For example, a CTA is still a CTA if it points to a “contact us” page (which isn’t a landing page), but it won’t be as effective driving leads and customers as a specific, focused landing page for a free e-book download.

Here at Little Marketing, our small business marketing consultants in Perth hope that this explains the basics of CTA’s. For help with your marketing strategy for your small business, contact our small business marketing company in Perth.



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