Reasons as to why mobile marketing works, by your small business marketing consultants in Sydney

Seeing how consumers have been praising their little mobile devices over the past few years, our efforts as marketers have turned to mobile marketing. So our small business marketing consultants in Sydney will explain to you why this type of marketing actually works.

Mobile phones themselves are a new channel for us to market and communicate with our customers, so here are our reasons why small business marketing should invest in mobile strategies:

• It offers convenience to their customers and target audience
• Mobile targeting also offers a sense of personal relationships, since people are constantly on their phones it is a great way to get in touch
• Mobile marketing is quick and efficient
• Is a good avenue for you to get some ROI, seeing that mobile marketing is normally consented to as people need to give you their numbers, it’s a great way to spark business
• Mobile marketing also makes your business look a lot more environmentally friendly
• Gen – Y are becoming to foremost targets for mobile marketing and they are expected to spend roughly $200 billion dollars a year, that’s a lot of profit to be made

We hope that our marketing consultants have been informative for you and your small business to consider investing in mobile marketing.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our small business marketing consultants in Sydney or send us an online enquiry form!


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